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High Speed Servo Controlled Mechanical Pouch Packing Machine to pack Milk , Butter Milk, Lassi.

Milk Packing Machines  


18 Merits of Servo Driven High Speed Machine to pack Milk and Milk products in poly pouches.

    • Most economical and conservation of power as it gives double the production forthesame power.
    • Less wear & Tear as friction parts are reduced and where ever required bearings are employed.
    • High Precision due to use of superior components.
    • Normal Mechanical Machine output is: 35-45 pouches/minute Where as servo-driven high speed Machine output is: 70-80 pouches/minute.
    • Easy diagnosis of faults .In case of fault in electrical/electronic instrumentation, the same will be displayed on PANEL consequently less breakdown time.
    • Very Rugged in Operation and demands least supervision. Film unwinding assembly is incorporated in the machine.
    • It occupies very less space when compared to conventional machine.
    For photo sensing facility there is no additional clutch & Break assembly required as it is in- built.

    • User Friendlyand can be operated easily.
    • Value for Money as the machine is highly productive.
    • Less Inventory ofSpares aswear-out is minimal
    • Compatible for 100 kg film roll with extra film roller assembly outside the machine and thereby less wastage of film loading and time.
    • Less manpower requirement for bulk quanti packaging.
    • Overall Energy Efficient Machine.
    • Also possible to convert your existing packing machine into servo driven high speed mechanical machine.
    • This machine price is very affordable and reasonable to
    • purchase.

    This machine is value for your investment and proud for your industry.

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