Manufacturers and Exporters of Milk Packing Machines, Edible Oil Packing Machines, UHT pouch Packing Machines .

Milk Packing Machines, Edible oil Packing Machines, UHT Packing Machines

We take great pleasure in introducing ourselves as one of the leading manufacturers of wide range of Automatic Form, fill and seal machines under the brand name SETPAC with most advanced features in packing Technology for various products like free flowing liquids/viscous products/powders and granules etc., in Pillow type flexible pouches.

These machines are available in Single head and Double Head with various outputs and filling capacities. The packing range varies from 50ml/gm to 250 ml/gm, 200 ml/gm to 1000 ml/Gms, to cater customers' specific requirements.

Our R&D cell has designed SETPAC machines of Mechanical type which functions without air compressor, by which a sum of Rs.90,000/-(Rupees Ninty Thousand Only) for single head and Rs.1,50,000/-(Rupees One Lakh fifty Thousand) for double head FFS machines will be saved. In the air compressor power consumption will be reduced considerably. Now these machines are available to pack flowing LIQUIDS like mineral water, butter milk, arrack, soft drink, etc., from 50 ml/gm to 100 ml/gm, also.








  • M/s.Junagadh Dairy, A Unit of NDDB, Gujarat.
  • M/s. AP co-op oilseeds growers fed., Oil Packing Station  Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh
  • M/s. AP co-op oilseeds growers fed., Oil Packing Station  Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh
  • M/s. Good Health- Kakinada
  • M/S. Heritage Foods (I) Ltd, Uppal Plant, Hyderabad.
  • M/S.Dodla Dairy Ltd, Budvel Andhra Pradesh
  • M/s. Shruthi milk dairy, Chittoor, Andhra Pradesh.

In 1996, having worked for several years in a reputed FFS packaging machines manufacturer and acquired good working knowledge in the manufacture of machines, the young engineer joining with other dynamic technocrat, started manufacturing of innovative FFS packaging machines with high precision and standards.

This is how the Company 'THE DECCAN PACKAGING SYSTEMS AND NEEDS' came into being (existence).

DECCAN's aptitude for innovation, resulted in a whole range of techniques being swift introduction of power saving cam driving system avoiding power intensive pneumatic system, introduction of variable speed drives and 'programmable logic control' (PLC) devices, etc., for achieving precision and ease of operation.

The Company initially was limited to Milk and edible oil packing machine but with constant urge for expansion and diversification, the company has emerged with entire range of FFS packaging machines suitable for packing any matter like liquids, solids, powder or granules, etc. In short, the company has solutions for packing any kind of commodity in style.

Today the Company is one of the leading manufacturers of FFS packaging machines having reputed clientele.

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